Chef Mural is a champion for global ‘Asian-Indian gastronomy’, combining traditional Indian preparation methods with a variety of flavours across cultures, resulting in uniquely juxtaposed culinary offerings.

Mural’s philosophy is simple – to fulfil his lifelong dream and vision to present Indian cuisine at its pinnacle on an international level, where it can be understood, accepted and respected.

Mural led his previous team to garner a Michelin star in 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019. Mural is the first Indian Executive chef to score a Michelin star for an Indian restaurant in Southeast Asia (SEA). There are 2 only Indian restaurants in SEA to have the honour.

In 2020, Mural opened his own Neo-Indian restaurant, Adda in partnership with Genie Collective Group. The unique concept serves elevated Indian cuisine in the heart of Singapore, with a contemporary twist and infusion of local flavours. These include Tandoori-marinated Salmon in a Laksa sauce, signature Butter Chicken Pot Pie, A.F.C (Adda Fried Chicken) and Prata Quesadillas!

Mural’s road to where he is today has been paved with many milestones. These include being named runner-up of Channel News Asia’s Perfect Meal and serving the President of Singapore with his standout creation of White Chocolate Semolina Crack Wheat Kheer.


One Michelin Star

Singapore’s Best Restaurants
Singapore Tatler 2006 – 2015

Asia’s Finest Restaurants
The Miele Guide 2008 – 2013

Chef of The Year
Awards of Excellence World Gourmet Series 2012

Restaurant of the Year
The People’s Choice Award